Sunday, April 24, 2016


Hey there. If you're reading this, I'm surprised. I'm not advertising this or allowing my other blog to link to it ( if you're curious).

This is where I write out the dark side of being high-functioning autistic, having anxiety, pure-O OCD, an eating disorder, depression (yes, I know that one doesn't start with a vowel), endometriosis, so forth and so on.

This isn't a funny or cheerful blog, although I do have a morbid, biting sense of humor that's probably going to show up no matter what.

But I needed someplace to write out the problems that I'm having in my personal life, and the people in my personal life know about and read the other blog. I don't particularly want the fallout from them reading this. (If they find it on the net, then they must really want to know, and in that case, if they get their feelings hurt, then tough.)

So why am I putting this on the internet at all? Because I've read some blogs by some people in pretty bad places in their lives, and it's helped me. Sometimes it's just knowing someone else goes through the same things--anxiety in particular is very isolating. And sometimes their solutions (if they have one) are helpful. And sometimes it just helps to know someone's got it worse than me, even if I do feel ashamed for finding that helpful.

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